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D4 W3BM4574!

25-12-09: Well, needless to say, there's no more comics. Just haven't been able to get myself to making any. Let's see what new year brings...

15-08-09: Ok, no comics or specials. I'm just going to give up and give September for a comeback date.

28-06-09: Ok, change of plans. I'll have a special up, this week. As for 201+, I think I'll take another two weeks off.

Like anyone will miss me...

26-06-09: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and we are there. Finally at 200 strips.

I'll have something else up, tomorrow...

25-06-09: Four more comics to read. Go have a look!

Only five to go, and they'll be up, tomorrow!

25-06-09: Two more comics. 9 more in the next day or so. Here goes...

20-06-09: Four new comics updated. 11 to go!

186, 187, 188 & 189.

17-06-09: Four new strips for you to read.

10-06-09: After such a long time, I've updated once more. Three new comics for you to enjoy.

16 days and 19 comics to go.

More than one a day...shit...

27-05-09: 176, 177, and 178 are up.

22 to go...

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D4 W3BM4574!


Ok, well, it's me, again, bringing you (along with too many commas) the latest in awesome news.

...or I would if I had any...

Nothing's happening, and it looks like it's going to stay that way, for a while. Unless New Year somehow brings tidings of motivation, it looks like there will be sporadic updates, at best, and not many, if at all.

I'd like to thank anyone out there that has come to visit, and hope you've enjoyed what little I've given you. Hopefully, next year, I can bring out some new stuff (and use twitter/facebook/etc to get it out there).

Here's to you, 2009.



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